Story of a Bulb


Ana Alvarez Ribalaygua, Spanish multimedia artist.

Present a Solo Exhibition in the Gallery of Patán Museum

This Photographic exhibition presents 108 portraits taken in Nepal and Bhutan.

All the characters of the photos are holding a light bulb, the same bulb, a traveling bulb which I I travel with.

Everybody is switching the light , this create an unity with light , it seems that all of us are connected!


Khatmandú 13 May 2014


Ana Alvarez Ribalaygua (Spanish) is this month one of the international artist in residence From Khatmandú Art Center.

My Works always start with photography, i used it like a canvas intervended it, with hundreds of leds on the picture or lens or different objects. For this exhibition I travelled with cameras and a light portable bulb, as I heard about the blackout in Nepal.

I decided to bring the light to the people that I met, everybody are holding the bulb, this create unity at the exhibition and seems all of us are connected with the light .